Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"F" Words

“F” Words

fatigue (n) – the state of being very tired   / 
               a military uniform
                Syn.       burnout, exhaustion,
                mental fatigue

fowl (n) – a bird (such as chicken) that is raised
for food
                raising a fowl

fabricate (v) – to make or build something / to create or make up something, such as a story, in order to trick people
                Syn.       invent, create, construct
                fabricate our own holiday wreath

fang (n) – a long, sharp tooth
                the fangs of a rattlesnake

famine (n) – a situation in which many people
do not have enough food to eat
                Syn.       starvation, shortage
                The days of famine are making people
turn to evil doings.

fatal (adj) – causing death, ruin, or failure
                Syn.       deadly
                That snake’s venom is fatal.

formidable (adj) – very powerful or strong
                Syn.       impressive
                a formidable team

fusion (n) – a combination or mixture of things
                Syn.       collaboration
                a fusion of jazz and classical music

 futile (adj) – having no result or effect;
pointless or useless
                Syn.       fruitless, unproductive
                futile effort

fragile (adj) – easily broken or damaged
                Syn.       delicate, breakable, frail
                a fragile vase

fraud (n) – a crime of using dishonest methods to take something valuable from another person
                Syn.       deceit, deception, scam
                He lost his savings when he invested in
a business that turned out to be a

frank (adj) – direct and honest way
                Syn.       candid, direct, straightforward
                To be frank, I don’t believe him.

fright (n) – fear caused by sudden danger
                Syn.       fear
                gave me quite a fright

flamboyant (adj) – having a very noticeable
quality that attracts a lot of attention
                Syn.       catchy, brilliant, striking,

                flamboyant outfit

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